Somatic Movement is an embodiment practice in movement that listens deeply to our personal internal bodily feeling and experience. In a session, using imagery, touch, breath and voice, we will find our way into movement to discover pleasure in moving and enquire our own nature, perceptions, and relationships to the self and others. With the reflective process that could include dialoguing, writing and drawing, the exploration often brings us some insight and healing through the integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

I studied with Patricia Bardi in Amsterdam, certified as a VMI Somatic Practitioner. Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT) with ISMETA. Currently, I am studying Authentic Movement with Linda Hartley. My practice has also received great influences from many process-oriented artists I worked with.

Alongside 1:1 individual work, I have led Somatic Movement workshops for specific groups of people such as adults with visual impairment (BlindAid), the elderly (Azuki Foundation), young people (Royal College of Art outreach) and dance / performing arts students (University Campus Suffolk, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo Ballet Academy).


1:1 case study

A client P was in her 60’s who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME), hypersensitivity, pains on her knees and back, which had stopped her walk. We were aware of multiple layers of trauma tangled behind these, and there seemed to be no pathological logic for the pains especially on the right knee. This knee hardly bent, and to me, it felt like a manifestation of her emotional trauma. Her physiotherapist, me and herself tried different approaches including Somatic visualisation, meditation, exercises, electric stimulation, nutrition, and learning about pain perception etc. Over 16 months of weekly sessions, P improved in her pace. Today, she returned to her own home in the country and restarted an independent life. This is the message I received from her after the final session;

“Katsura, as usual, your session has really helped my body, feeling much looser in hips and general movement. Also as usual balanced me on other levels. I will so miss your therapy! It has been light during dark times. It is really beyond words how much you have helped, supported and encouraged me through this challenging period of my life. I so appreciate your generous care and patience and I am so thankful you came into my life to help me. I knew right from the start that your insight, experience and intuition were exactly right for me. I thank you with all my heart.”


Locations & Rates

Angel / Highbury & Islington (Thursday)
First floor, Clinic Central, 10-12 Gaskin Street, London N1 2RY

Haggerston, Hackney (Tuesday)
HQ Therapy, 322C (Ground Floor) Kingsland Road, London, E8 4DE

£65 for a 60 minutes session, or £180 for three 60 minutes sessions

Please note that a full fee cancellation charge will apply where there is less than 24 hours notice.




Katsura Isobe

07960 906781


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