Somatic Movement is an embodiment practice in movement that listens deeply to our personal internal bodily feeling and experience. In a class, using imagery, touch, breath and voice, we will find our way into movement to discover pleasure in moving and enquire our own nature, perceptions, and relationships to the self and others. With the reflective process that could include dialoguing, writing and drawing, the exploration often brings us some insight and healing through an integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

I studied with Patricia Bardi in Amsterdam, certified as a VMI Somatic Practitioner. Registered Somatic Movement Educator & Therapist (RSME & RSMT) with ISMETA. My practice has also received great influences by many process-oriented artists I worked with.

I have led Somatic Movement workshops for specific groups of people such as adults with visual impairment (BlindAid), the elderly (Azuki Foundation), young people (Royal College of Art outreach) and university students (University Campus Suffolk, Ochanomizu University).


Sensory Hub Club

Currently I work as a practitioner at the Sensory Hub Club – An integrated Complementary Health and Creative Space for early year children and their parents. Please find more details here.