I have regular Craniosacral treatments with Katsura and they always benefit me so much. Afterwards, I feel lighter, more connected and well balanced for the week ahead. She is very intuitive with her touch, and will often find the problem areas to focus on without me even mentioning them. I would definitely recommend her!

S.B. on Craniosacral Therapy

Having not tried Craniosacral Therapy before, I didn’t know what to expect. Since Katsura has been my Pilate instructor for several years, I know I can trust her. Treatment sessions with Katsura were surreal, but calming experience. After each session, I felt better. I now have an under laying happiness that I have never felt before. Katsura has this rare gift of understanding and feeling without your explanation, which is quite extraordinary. I will definitely recommend her treatments if you are not feeling quite yourself.

S.P. on Craniosacral Therapy