Pilates is an exercise and body conditioning method devised by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. It balances out our bodies by releasing, mobilising, activating and lengthening the muscles with the use of breath and flowing movement with precise alignment.

Pilates exercises can be flexibly modified according to a client’s needs, which makes Pilates suitable for those who need more attention; pre/postnatal women, the elderly, the injured and people with medical conditions such as arthritis, MS, post-surgery (permission for exercise from a medical professional required).

I see the joy and pleasure of moving as very important for any bodies.

I am a fully-qualified comprehensive Pilates teacher, trained with Alan Herdman.

My other training in Craniosacral Therapy and Somatic Movement Therapy offer deeper understanding and insight into our movement experiences in and beyond the Pilates method. In our sessions, how you learn and feel the body movement will be also taken into an account as well as the typical musculoskeletal aspect of the exercises. This would make your moving experience more integrative, which would be carried out off the mat into life in a wider scope.

1:1 Pilates sessions

1st Floor
Clinic Central
10-12 Gaskin Street
Islington, London N1 2RY
Unit 6, Studio 4
Tilia Road
London, E5 8JB

Online sessions are also available

Rates: 1:1 in-person and online sessions

Initial session: £70 for a 60 minutes session
Ongoing sessions £70 for a 60 minutes session or £195 for three 60 minutes sessions.

Please note that a full fee cancellation charge will apply where there is less than 24 hours notice.

Craniosacral Therapy Association Member

Pilates clients testimonials

I began Pilates as part of my rehabilitation from some serious surgery on my stomach and has been an invalid for a couple of years. Katsura was incredibly careful and sensitive to my condition and yet has been very successful in pushing me onwards. Her teaching has been fundamental in supporting a programme of general rehabilitation which has successfully restored me to fitness and full-time work. I owe Katsura a huge amount and count my meeting her as a hugely important event in my life.   – G.W.

Katsura approached the problems (lower back pain & frozen shoulders) in a very professional, methodical as well as creative way. Pilates has fixed, as well as balanced, my body to a new level well beyond the initial ‘damage repairs’ sought. It formed the platform for many other activities including my hobby, sailing,   – T.K.

I contracted polio as an infant which affected my entire body at the beginning, but which today has left my legs and arms very weak. I rely so much upon my upper body to stay mobile and carry out basic tasks because of the severe weakness of my legs. I truly value Katsura’s classes as Katsura is very inventive and has devised very gentle exercises I can do from the safety of my bed and swimming pool, within my limited mobility range. Katsura really understands my muscle strength.  It is a challenge for me to keep mobile, but I am confident that with the support of Katsura and my physiotherapist, I will be able to slow down the effects of my polio and osteoporosis.   – L.P.

After I gave birth 3 years ago, I did not get very well. I suffered from aches in the back, shoulders, head, and hands, which were due to the hard work of parenting. I used to take paracetamol constantly. I was very lucky to have met Katsura. She or her method has been healing me. She always listens to me. It helps me a lot emotionally. When I complain about back pain, she shows me various kinds of effective movements for it, using different ways of explaining. She talks about the posture with numerous ways of explanations and images, which has made me become more bodily aware. Now, I feel much better than before.   – M.S.

3 weeks ago, I was like ‘-‘ this (horizontal). Now I am like ‘|’ this (vertical). – L.M.


Katsura Isobe

First floor, Clinic Central
10-12 Gaskin Street
London N1 2RY

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