Here are some videos from my practice. Some are oriented more with physical movement, and others are more about sensing and feeling the body at rest.

Balancing Soma – Somatic Movement practice I actually do at home to balance out the bodymind.

P-Nidra – Audio recordings from Somatic Meditation sessions with a client.

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I hope you enjoy.

The pelvis holds a central role for the whole body movement. Find small movements that the pelvis could make, which may help to improve the lower back pain and other issues on the lower body. It is also energetically centring to feel the pelvis while many of us tend to live in our heads.
Breathing with the diaphragm helps to release the tension on the middle back and mobilise the upper body. This video shows how to do diaphragmatic breathing, then continuing to the simple upper body movements. There are many more effects of diaphragmatic breathing, which I will explain another time.
This is a great way to release and balance out the whole bodymind. It takes only 10-20 minutes so treat it like a mini-retreat you can have during a normal day. If you have achy neck, shoulders or back, the gravity will be your best friend during this rest. And if you have the rushing frazzled mind, listening to the body sensations will take you back to your essence.
Easy Pilates-based exercises to re-organise the upper back, shoulders and neck. You may think they are too easy to be effective but they actually work! Especially recommended when you feel off the alignment and stuck around the shoulders and neck due to long hours’ computer work.
Somatic Meditation 3. To Fly
Somatic Meditation 2. Balloon Body
Somatic Meditation 1. Fluid Tissue