What do I want to leave behind with the passing year?

Running in the open field has turned out to be a great way to prepare myself for the transition between 2019 and 2020.

I take each step forward, breathe out, and breathe in – numberless of repetitions takes me to a contemplative state.

What do I want to leave behind with the passing year?

Some heat arises in the left ribcage, that tells me;
I want to leave that bitter feeling!
the heavy feeling!
the massive sadness!
the feeling of needing to put a brake on myself!
The answers come up every few steps and every few breaths.

It feels right to have a long exhale from the mouth.
Softly, let it go into the air.

It feels right to pound my feet on the ground.
Surely, release into the mother earth.

And I use the emotions as the fuel.
Let’s burn them, shall we?

I keep running in the drizzle.
The freshness on the skin and the white open space above me welcome us into 2020.