Listen: Pilates Nidra 1, Fluid Tissue

Listen to Pilates Nidra 1, Fluid Tissue (30 minutes)

I wrote about Pilates Nidra, that is Somatic visualisation, in past article.

This has been developing since then. It is different every time. I usually spend a half hour or so to listen to my client P’s story about how she has been getting on generally in life and on her body. Each visualisation reflects what she said, how she is, with a consideration on her chronic problems of the knees and the lower back. Here I have no plan or agenda apart from a wish for her to feel better. It is fascinating for me what comes up during a visualisation.

P has decided to record Pilates Nidra, so that she can do it when I am not there. She is happy to share the recording with everyone.

So if you are curious and want to drop into the body, give it a listen.

P responds well in the prone position (lying on the tummy) on a bed, and I am talking to her in the prone position. So sometimes what I say may be making sense in the same position. However, it is more important that you feel comfortable so please find a position you feel so such as lying on the back, on the side or sitting.

It starts slowly… as I am taking my time to tune into her body and my body. Be patient please. And be generous about my Japanese (and whatever) accent… I cannot help.

Hope you enjoy.




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