Listen: P-Nidra 2, Balloon Body

Listen to P-Nidra 2, Balloon Body (35 minutes)

This is the second recording of P-Nidra (previously Pilates Nidra).

The name P-Nidra comes from yoga nidra, yogic sleep, that “is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the “going-to-sleep” stage”(wikipedia). I find this similar to the state I often fall in at a Craniosacral Therapy treatment. It is a deeply relaxing healing space. So please do not feel bad if you think you fell asleep during P-Nidra. The body will do whatever it needs to do.

I have changed the name from Pilates Nidra to P-Nidra, as it is not really Pilates at all. Initially I was called in to work with a client P as a Pilates teacher (Please read the past article for more background). And P-Nidra has been drawn from my wider knowledge of Somatic Movement Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy. P- Nidra is done for the client P, and the sound is cleaned by P’s friend P. What a coincidence. P must stay in the naming of this Somatic meditation as a trace of where it comes from.

As for listening to the recording;

A client P responds well in the prone position (lying on the tummy) on a bed, and I am talking to her in that position. So sometimes what I say may be making sense in the same position. However, it is more important that you feel comfortable so please find a position you feel so, such as lying on the back, on the side or sitting.

It starts slowly… as I am taking my time to tune into her body and my body. Be patient please. And be generous about my Japanese (and whatever) accent… I cannot help.

Hope you enjoy.

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