Wonders of Craniosacral Therapy

After 3 weeks of absence due to a visit to Japan, I am returning to my Craniosacral Therapy clinic today. This is an occasion that makes me think “what am I doing there?”.

Clearly I know I want to help my clients, to alleviate pains and discomforts and feel better.  To do so, there are many modalities people can choose, from allopathic medicine, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage, shiatsu, acupuncture to reiki and other healing methods. I wonder what makes Craniosacral Therapy unique?

There is no single answer. I have many answers rooted in my own experiences as a client, and that is why I have been drawn to study this modality deeper. I just say here that Craniosacral Therapy can be amazing but also weird…! It is a magic, in some sense, after passing all the theory bits.

During my stay in Tokyo, I had some opportunities to treat some people I know. I treated my primary school teacher who taught me over 30 years ago. She says she always has had rather frail body since childhood, and now in her 70’s she really feels it is falling apart. So she does look after herself by practicing some gentle yoga and enjoying singing. I touch her body, and immediately realise that she is not that bad. I feel the good life force moving through. Of curse there are some problematic parts and patters that may not be serving the best, but as a whole she is fine. I am very glad to discover my teacher is not as bad as she says.

The similar is my university professor, now at age 86. Her curiosity never cease and she nudges me to give her a quick treatment. It was only 20 minutes, and that was enough. Her system was very clear and responsive. During the 20 minutes, I felt a shift after a shift, and then afterwards her neck pain was gone. I say to her that I picked up some pattern of a hit on the left side of the pelvis. Did you fall? She answers yes. No further explanation. She is just amazed by her experience in the treatment.

The opposite happens too, sadly. My old friend who I met though dance now teaches. It was very difficult treatment for me. I really could not grasp the whole picture of her system. It was floppy and had no particular directions on her outer field and the edge of the body, while deep inside it was held rock hard. Almost no response for long time. Then at some point, I feel a hole of emptiness. Ah thanks for coming out, an emptiness. It starts to make sense to me where she is and how she is. She is an efficient and well-received teacher. She is nice. Not many people would know about this hole in her being. I give the feedback, and she starts slowly telling her feelings.

Each treatment is unique and profound in some ways. These were particularly memorable for me, as I know these people for long time and I had a certain image of each person. The treatment offered me another dimension of the person, and also I felt deeper connection. It really tells me how much a light touch to another person means.

Today in my clinic, what a touch will bring to my clients and me? I don’t know. But I know I want to keep myself open and welcome whatever comes up.




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