29 August 2022

Somatic Movement Workshop – Moving through Evolution

Developmental Movement Patterns from the origin of life in the uterus/sea – the foetus – birth – baby to walking and dancing on land.

This workshop offers an embodiment experience that traces human and non-human animal development patterns. Since our time in our mother’s uterus, movement is our primal sensation, creating our perception of self and the world. As a child grows, they build up their movement stage-by-stage to gain freedom and expression. However, development is not necessarily a linear process and is unique to each of us. By revisiting some of this significant movement learning, we aim to become aware of other possibilities and to integrate ourselves for more adaptability and responsiveness to the ever-challenging world.

The workshop welcomes everyone with any movement experience.

Sundays, 12.15-3.00pm
16 October, Returning to the sea
13 November, Growing out of the sea
11 December, Moving on land

Chisenhale Dance Space
64-84 Chisenhale Road
London, E3 5QZ


As the three workshops follow the sequence of early development, it is ideal to attend all of them for the complete journey. But it is also possible to attend one or two of them.

The studio can be cold on some days. Bring your own yoga mat, blanket, cushions and warm clothing for your comfort. There will be some time lying on the floor. Please also bring writing and drawing materials for movement reflection.

The fee for a workshop is on a sliding scale. According to your current finance, please pay between £20-50 (CDS members £15). All the fees raised from these workshops will be donated to Chisenhale Dance Space (CDS) for its survival during its challenging time.

CDS is on the second floor, accessed by a staircase only, and therefore, regrettably, is not wheelchair accessible.

These experiential workshops will be facilitated by Katsura Isobe, Dance Artist, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (ISMETA), Registered Craniosacral Therapist (CSTA) and comprehensive Pilates teacher. She has been practising and teaching dance and movement for over 30 years; from ballet, contemporary dance, dance improvisation, Pilates, yoga, running, Aikido and Authentic Movement.