21 March 2020

Online sessions during Coronavirus crisis

Equinox on 20th March

A tipping point is
where one becomes another,
where old becomes new,
where cloud becomes clear,
where night becomes day,
where lost becomes found,
where fast becomes slow.
And it is all happening


In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, I am having to change how I work. Social distance is a norm at the moment and it will last for a while. For the duration, I would like to offer online sessions, which obviously do not offer the same experience as face-to-face sessions, but possibly something fresh.

This morning I gave the first online Pilates session. Beforehand, the client was not too sure about working remotely, and here is what he says after the session;
“I thoroughly recommend using Katsura for online sessions. When we are forced to spend time at home then exercise is crucial. We can all do our own practice but we get sloppy and lonely. Katsura’s precise and calming approach is ideally suited to video coaching. I look forward to my next sessions with great joy”.

I personally feel it is very important how we spend our time in this period. While feeling restricted and possibly uncomfortable, each of us is led to rest more, reflect the past and gradually vision the future. Maintaining the optimal body, clear mind and warm heart would be very challenging but so necessary.

My commitment to serving each client has not changed at all. I would love to support you to go through this difficult time, in the ways I could.

Below is what I offer via Zoom, Skype and Face Time,

Pilates-based exercises
One-to-one 60 minutes £65
Balancing out the body by releasing, mobilising, activating and lengthening the muscles. I am also comfortable to work with people with specific conditions.

Somatic Movement Therapy
One-to-one 60 minutes £65
This is a more free-style movement exploration unique for you. The focus is on the sensations and feelings, which opens the new possibilities of perceiving, moving and thinking. More details here.

Somatic Meditation (Formerly Distant Craniosacral Therapy)
One-to-one 30 minutes £35
Developed from my usual craniosacral therapy (and movement) practice, this is an original form where I will be verbally guiding your attention to various layers of sensations and feelings with the body while you are comfortably lying down.

Please feel free to contact me for any enquiries or suggestions.

I am open. It is all new experience for everyone.

Stay safe, keep well, connect.

Warm wishes,