27 January 2021

Online Somatic Pilates classes

I hope to help you keep well in this strange time of the pandemic.
Somatic Pilates classes invite you to settle and deepen the connection to the body in the calm atmosphere while balancing out predominantly the functional musculoskeletal system.

Wednesday 5.30 – 6.45 pm (75 minutes)
from 3 – 24 February 2021
Block of 4 sessions £45
1:1 consultation session (60 mins) and block of 4 sessions £95

1:1 consultation session would be beneficial if you need some guidance specific to your body so that you know how to modify some movements in the classes. Also if you are building up your own home practice, I can help you organise.

The numbers in a class will be limited and the priority goes to block bookings. If space allows, drop-in will be possible for £15 per class
Please email me for enquiries and registrations.

Why is it called Somatic Pilates?
It is called Somatic Pilates because there is an aspect that I want to bring in, that is to keep checking how and what you are feeling on your body. I bring a little meditative practice each time for each of you to connect to this ‘felt sense’ and this is not something I teach in regular Pilates setting. As the whole, it is anyway a Pilates class on Zoom. You would do familiar moves from Pilates. However, It is not my intention to get you all move in the form I am giving. It is my intention that you move as you feel right and meaningful, using the indications and structures I am offering. I will keep an eye on everyone’s safety and hold the virtual space. So you are invited to go on your own journey of movements, sensations and feelings. Enjoy yourself.

Some voices from the last series…
“Extremely relaxing. I learnt how to focus and relax with in-depth body awareness”.

“I loved the classes – the pace and the balance of very clear instruction with space to explore for yourself. I learnt how I can do Pilates more slowly and in a more contemplative way”.

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND; I feel physically and mentally regenerated, stretched, focused and energised”.

The classes welcome any bodies that would appreciate movement with attention, to rebalance and restore.